ABA Assessment and Mental Health Diagnostic Evaluation in Northern California

Our mental health professionals provide ABA assessments to determine the best approach to your child’s treatment and their progress. We also offer 360 autism testing guidance to recommend the best pediatrician to test and diagnose your child.


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An ABA technician carries out an ABA assessment on children with autism.

Mental Health Assessment Guidance 

At BM Behavioral Center, we offer autism testing guidance for families. Autism diagnosis should be done by a qualified pediatrician, however we offer support throughout this process. Part of our support includes recommending the most qualified professional to carry out the mental health assessment on your child. 

Early detection is essential to help children with autism spectrum overcome any social, physical, communication, and behavioral challenges. This is why at BM Behavioral Center, we believe support through autism diagnosis is an essential mental health service we offer.

360 Autism Spectrum Test Service

At BM Behavioral Center, we provide the contact to the most qualified doctors to provide mental health testing for your child. These doctors are certified to carry out the appropriate tests on your child’s functional skills, mental health condition, and more. If they diagnose your child with ASD after their autism spectrum test, we can begin with ABA testing.

ABA Assessment Process

We carry out a study of the primary doctor’s ASD diagnostic, followed by a consultation meeting with the parents/guardian. This way, we obtain a more detailed picture of your child’s specific needs. Then, our Health Care Professionals determine the best personalized treatment that should be applied. Our ABA assessment seeks to help your child reach functional behaviors and higher levels of understanding in day by day activities.

ABA testing is a vital part of our mental health services. It helps us identify the interventions and strategies that will work both for your child and your family. At BM Behavioral Center, we offer tailor-made ABA therapy that teaches skills that can be used in day-to-day life.

ABA Testing 

Our ABA assessment evaluates your child’s development in certain skill areas. These areas include:

  1. Assessment of basic language
  2. Barriers of communication
  3. Social skills 
  4. Motor skills
  5. Visual perception

Autism Testing Guidance & ABA Assessment Services in Northern California

At BM Behavioral Center, we offer mental health testing support for families going through the autism spectrum testing process. We recommend qualified pediatricians and once the diagnosis is made, ABA testing services to determine the best strategy for your child.

Child with autism learns the letters while on ABA therapy.

Benefits of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy

  • Tailor-made to fit your child’s and your family’s needs.
  • Can be provided in different locations. 
  • Teaches skills that are useful for day-to-day life.
  • Can involve group sessions.

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Why Choose BM Behavioral Center?

At BM Behavioral Center, we’re with you every step of the way. We believe in providing our clients and their families with the best possible care. Our ABA technicians are Board Certified and have the training, experience, and knowledge required to provide the ABA therapy that meets your child’s needs. 

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