ABA Therapy in Solano, CA

At BM Behavioral Center, we are an ABA services provider in Northern California. Our trained and certified ABA therapists are committed to offering the best care possible to our clients and their families. 

We offer Applied Behavior Analysis treatment fully tailored to each child’s individual needs. Moreover, we offer other services that aim to help the child’s family adjust and support their treatment for autism.

Our ABA behavior technicians design the best approach to help each child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) improve their quality of life. Our ABA therapy program includes therapy sessions, physical therapy, educational techniques, and more.


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Our ABA Services 

At BM Behavioral Center, we offer a Full Service Integration Strategy. This means our ABA therapists guide our clients and their families through every step of the Applied Behavior Analysis process. 

We recommend doctors for the testing and diagnosis stage, develop the best treatment for autism adapted to the child’s needs, and help families further support treatment at home. Our ABA behavior technicians also provide constant updates on the child’s progress and involve parents and guardians as much as possible.

Mental Health Diagnostic Evaluation

Before beginning your child’s behavior therapy, we provide guidance throughout the testing and diagnosis stage of ASD. Our ABA therapists recommend our most trusted pediatricians in the area to assess and diagnose your child as early as possible. We then begin designing the best course of treatment for autism for your child’s specific needs.

ABA therapy after autism diagnosis in Solano, CA.
ABA therapist works with a child with autism.

ABA Therapy

Our approach to Applied Behavior Analysis treatment is focusing on key areas to improve your child’s everyday life skills. This includes social skills and social interactions, communication skills, attention, focus, and much more. Our ABA behavior technicians encourage desired behaviors through positive reinforcement. Additionally, part of our ABA services include adapting treatment to different environments, including home and school.

Mental Health Service Plan Development

At BM Behavioral Center, we aim to make the ABA therapy process as smooth as possible for our clients and their families. We ensure every parent and guardian fully understands each stage of their child’s treatment for autism. Our ABA behavior technicians explain why a certain therapy is being used and the results they are hoping to achieve with it.

ABA therapist works with a child with autism.
A mother with a child with autism.

Family Home Care Training

A key part of our Full Service Integration Strategy is involving parents, guardians, and families in as much of the process as possible. Our ABA therapists help ensure your child has the best possible environment to continue making progress at home. This way, we all work towards improving your child’s quality of life inside and outside our health clinic.

Treatment Supervision and Progress Updates

Once your child’s Applied Behavior Analysis plan is set in motion, each step of treatment is overseen by a Program Supervisor. This supervisor is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) that ensures each treatment is executed as planned. Additionally, a crucial part of our ABA services involve constant updates and evaluations of the treatment.

Applied behavior analysis supervision and updates.

ABA Therapy for Children Under the Autism Spectrum in Solano, California


ABA services in Solano, California.

Our Northern California health clinic offers Applied Behavior Analysis therapy in Solano, CA for children under the spectrum. We tailor our treatment to each child’s particular needs, focusing on improving everyday skills and their overall quality of life. 

Our ABA therapists can help improve your child’s communication, learning, social and many other skills. Get in touch with BM Behavioral center today for personalized treatment for autism.


Areas We Serve

We provide ABA services all over Solano County, including the following cities:

  • Benicia
  • Dixon
  • Fairfield (county seat)
  • Rio Vista
  • Suisun City
  • Vacaville
  • Vallejo

BM Behavioral Center, the Best Care for Your Child and Your Family

Our Northern California Health Clinic, BM Behavioral Center, is dedicated to providing high-quality care and services to children under the spectrum and their families. Our ABA therapy approach focuses on improving daily skills that help your child reach their full potential and deal with everyday life.

Our team of experienced and certified ABA behavior technicians provide custom care that targets your child’s specific needs. We offer a Full Service Integration Strategy which means we are with every step of your child’s treatment, starting from the diagnosis stage.

Treatment for autism in Solano,CA.

ABA Resources

As ABA service providers, we aim to inform guardians and parents about ABA therapy. Learn about ABA and stay informed on the leading treatment for autism with us.

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